What Will I Learn?

You will learn How to Effectively Interact with Your Guests

    • Why High and Low Context Communication are so different
    • What today’s tourism market needs are
    • How to Manage Tour Dynamics and Guest Expectations
    • How to Solve On-Tour Problems; and much more

What do I get?

Your 100% attendance and participation, plus a passed written assessment, will be rewarded with an EastguidesWest DIPLOMA in SERVICE EXCELLENCE.
This demonstrates that you have understood all 12 steps of our Circle of Service Excellence©

If you decide you’d like additional certification, internationally recognised and issued by an approved accrediting institution, you can apply through EastguidesWest after passing the course. As a Recognised Provider for ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management), our Executive Service Excellence Programme© is approved and accredited.

The cost for this is an additional €100, and must be paid within 5 days of starting the course.

What can I do after I finish the course?

When you have passed the course, EastguidesWest will give you opportunities to connect with both inbound and outbound operators through our Web Application “World of Mouth”, which makes you more visible and employable worldwide.

We are constantly in touch with tour operators needing trained, professional guides. Welcome to the EastguidesWest team!

Includes / Excludes?

Includes: Your Student Booklets  / Two Certified trainers giving Hands-On Experience / EastguidesWest diploma / Tea and Coffee

Excludes: Meals / Accommodation During the Course

Secure Your Place

Book today to ensure your place on the course. We’re looking forward to working with you.


Where / when?

“3-Day Interpersonal Tour Guide Skills Training IN ENGLISH

Belgrade, Serbia: 28-30 October 2019

Venue Details: Bloom Meeting House

Timing: 9.30-5pm Every Day

Trainers: Sjannie Hulsman and Barnaby Davies. Please see our LinkedIn profiles / training qualifications here

This interactive, skills-based practical training is for ALL tour guides. From ANYWHERE. For ALL levels of experience. We will be learning together in English.

What is the Training?

EastguidesWest’s 3-day dynamic training for tour leaders is unique.

We assume you already know local history, geography, culture and customs. So our training is about service excellence, people, leadership and management.Our training is broken down into 4 Training Quarters: see our Curriculum

 Each quarter is then broken down into 3 steps using our Circle of Service Excellence©. You’ll get a chance to practise your skills both in the classroom, and also out on our field day.

Day 1 Morning:

Introductions /1st impressions /Setting Expectations / Roles of Guides / Valuing Guests / Branding / The Service Value Chain / Problem Solving / Moral Compass / Mental Preparation / Personal Development / SWOT Quadrant / Introduction to Cultural Understanding / Body Language

Day 1 Afternoon:

Service Versus Servant / Types of Guests / Global Tourism Industry / Public Speaking Presentation and Evaluation / Business Mindset – Pricing / Technicals / On-Tour Must Dos & Must Says / Pre-Tour Preparation / Guest Avatars / Service Essentials – Turning Negative into Positive

Day 2 Morning:

Page To Stage – Theory into Practice / Field Day Preparation / Daily Programme Rehearsal / Leadership Types and Essentials/ Language Use / Deviations / Problem Solving Roleplay / Guiding Essentials / Mazlow Pyramid / Personalised Guest Attention / Cooperation Between Tour Guides & Local Guides

Day 2 Afternoon:

Storytelling / Feedback, Reviews and Referrals / Social Media Dos and Don’ts / Tour Summary / Power of Word of Mouth / Gratuities / Customer Service Essentials / Departure Training / Bridging Cultures / Human Trafficking Update / Sustainability and Resources / Written Assessment

Day 3 Whole Day: Field Training.

Every guide is assessed on leadership and management performance during a Walking / Bus Tour. Every guide is given practical, useful feedback.