Tour guide license

For Tour Leaders // By Tour Leaders

Are you looking to make more money from tours? You need to know who your guests are, what they want to see, and to understand a Western mindset.

Our training addresses those needs. We’ll show you what appeals to Western visitors, which tours they will buy, and which tours they won’t. EastguidesWest, with over 150 years’ combined experience in travel, hospitality, and consultancy, has developed the Circle of Service Excellence© for tour directors and -guides.

Our class size is 15-25 guides.

Our 3-day tour leader training is accredited 21st century training. It is interactive, modern training using our 12-step Circle of Service Excellence©.

Our trainers are working as tour leaders themselves, and have international certification from the International Tour Management Institute in California, one of the best tour guide courses in the world. Two trainers give you first-hand experience of today’s market and the expectations of Western tourists.

We include Q+A and a field day.

Booking Training:

We work with institutions and training centres to book training. Plus privately owned tour operators such as Juulchin World Tours and Silk Road Destinations.

Our curriculum can be tailored to your needs.

We are always open to enquiries about training for guides. Please contact us with proposed training locations. Uzbekistan, Croatia and Montenegro are already in the pipeline.