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Tour Guide Emergency Financial Assistance 

Some tour directors are finding it difficult to feed their children during the Covid crisis.  So we’ve set up a fundraising campaign to help. Please apply here. If you are able to donate just a small amount to help your colleagues in need, please go directly to our fundraiser.

While some tour guides do have employment insurance and access to stimulus packages, many others are independent contractors with no access to government help. And no Plan B. Many tour guides may now lose an entire year’s salary.

Every single tour guide worldwide is affected by the crisis. None of us have work. So how do we decide who gets emergency funding and who does not? We have had multiple applications, and this has to be a fair process, based on the following main criteria:

The Rules

~ Are you getting unemployment insurance or a government stimulus package?
~ Do you have a partner still working, or family assistance available?
~ Are you supporting children? If so, how many?
~ When did you last work? E.g. Do you work only spring to autumn?

The funding IS open to any geographic location. We’re allocating €250 per tour guide, starting as soon as possible. This is for emergency food, not to replace a salary.

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