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Training Courses

EastguidesWest training is available at your location or online. As an ILM Recognised Provider, our Executive Service Excellence Programme is accredited by ILM, the leading provider of leadership qualifications, and is recognised worldwide.

Our eLearning courses are available now, with more courses being added. The eCourses complement our live training, and are structured to make education accessible to tour leaders in remote areas. For live training, more information is available here.

We also offer tourism consulting and connecting. Optimise your tours? Find jobs?  Contact us today with your specific tourism needs.

Tourism is team work. We all want happy guests, referrals and repeat business. But if a link in the chain is lacking, it affects the whole tourism experience.

A bad hotel? An uncaring tour guide? A disappointing experience? However, when the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly, the experience can be magical.

12 courses, 12 certificates = ONE global qualification
Taking our online courses gives priority access to jobs.

Estimated course lengths = 90 minutes

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